• Name: Gábor Antal
  • Date, place of birth: 30th January 1977, Gyöngyös, Hungary
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Address:
    • Hock János utca 10, Budapest, Hungary
  • Phone:
    • +36 (70) 512 2905
    • +49 (1522) 3440165
  • E-mail: gabor.antal@agsoftware.hu
  • Marital status: married

Work experience

AG SOFTWARE, Budapest, Hungary (March 2002 – present) – Managing owner, consultant

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  • 2002 – 2004 College of Finance and Accounting, post graduate Budapest, Hungary
    • Faculty of Engineer-Economist
  • 2000 – 2002 University of Szeged, post graduate
    • Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    • Masters in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • 1997-2000 Budapest Polytechnic (the legal successor of Kandó Kálmán Polytechnic), Budapest, Hungary
    • John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, Real-Time Systems module
    • B. Eng. in Technical Informatics
  • 1992-1997 Újpesti Muszaki Technical (Secondary) School, Budapest, Hungary
    • Major in machine manufacture technologies (mechanical) and computer science (technician qualification)

Training Courses attended

  • Systra System Training for GSM, NOKIA, Budapest, Hungary, 2000
  • Software Test Automation (Mark Fewster), NOKIA, Helsinki, Finland, 2001
  • Technical Introduction to MQSeries, IBM, Budapest, Hungary, 2002
  • MQSeries Application Programming, IBM, Budapest, Hungary, 2002
  • Project manager training course, CCC, Szeged, Hungary, 2004
  • Object Oriented Design, CCC, Budapest, Hungary, 2004
  • Perl course, CCC, Budapest, Hungary, 2004
  • Project management – managing conflicts tr., CCC, Budapest, Hungary, 2004
  • Interbank Clearing System (ICS), GIRO ZRt., Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Computer and Programming Skills

  • Operating system skills: MS Windows, Linux
  • RDBMS: Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL, MySQL
  • Programming languages: Advanced Java, C/C++
  • Programming Technologies: J2EE (JDBC, JNI, EJB, JMS, Servlets), JAXP, OSGI
  • Web services: AXIS, JAX-WS, (WSDL), (for testing: SoapUI)
  • Mobile programming: Android, J2ME, MIDP, NGMJ
  • ORM: EclipseLink, Hibernate
  • Other programming skills: SQL, PL/SQL, Assembly, OpenGL, Delphi, Visual Basic
  • Web and Application servers and middleware: Oracle Weblogic, SUN Application server, JBoss, IBM MQ Series,LDAP, IIS, Tomcat, Apache
  • Internet Technologies: JSF, JSP (Struts), ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript/VBScript, XML/XSL/XSLT, XSD, WML, SOAP
  • Automated testing: Mercury Interactive Test Director / Quality Center(+admin) WinRunner / QuickTest Pro, Rational Test, JUnit, LUX/ASTE
  • Continous integration: Hudson
  • Code Metrics: Checkstyle, PMD, Firebug, Sonar
  • Modeling methodologies: UML
  • Modeling tools: Together Architect, Jude, Rational Rose, Magic Draw
  • Project management: PRINCE2
  • Project management tools: MS Project
  • IT Service management: ITIL
  • TV: Samsung TV application development
  • SmartCard: Smart card (java card) application development
  • Micro controller: I552 – assembly, PIC 16F8XX
  • SCM / Version control: SubVersion, Perforce, ClearCase, Git
  • Telecom/Mobile: LBS System, SMS, WAP, GSM
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development Systems): Eclipse (+ CarbideJ, MyEclipse), NetBeans,Borland JBuilder, Borland Delphi, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Visual Studio
  • Other: Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint

Other Skills

  • Intermediate English
  • basic German knowledge
  • Software analysis and design, UML
  • Creating feasibility studies
  • Being aware of project management methods and techniques
  • Testing practice
  • Developing practice
  • Team work experience
  • Leadership experience
  • In-depth knowledge of software testing methodology and software development life cycle
  • Practice in English documentation and communication
  • Drivers license (type “B”) Professional profile
  • Quick learning and adaptation skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Reliable, accurate
  • Interested in new technologies
  • Creative problem-solver who can design solutions and envisions business and technical perspectives to develop workable solutions.
  • Seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business technical skill set and expertise in business processes, requirement analysis, workflow design, leadership, project management, leadership, testing/quality assurance
  • Ability to resolve problems systematically, efficiently and effectively
  • Highly motivated to achieve goals
  • Constructive in advising others
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to effectively prioritize a variety of responsibilities


Cycling, playing soccer, hiking mountains, badminton, squash, traveling


  • Dr Tibor I. Toczauer, Adj. Prof., P.Eng, Law Office, Tarzana, CA, United States of America, tibor@tibor.net, phone number: +1 (818) 342 0880
  • Lauri Kolehmainen, test manager, Nokia Tampere, lauri.kolehmainen@nokia.com
  • Gábor Morvay, project manager, CCC Hungary, gabor.morvay@ccc.fi
  • Zoltán Puskás, project manager, T-Mobile, puskasz@t-mobile.hu
  • Zsolt Kun-Szabó, Team Leader, KM – EU Brussel., zskunszabo@kum.hu, phone number: +36 (30) 436-8341
  • Róbert Ambrus, Senior Software Test Engineer, Lufhansa, Hungary, robert.ambrus@lhsystems.de, phone number: +36 (20) 430-2234

Latest CV can be found in PDF format: